Candice works with clients who are ready to create a life, career and/or business that is even more amazing than they ever thought possible.

Candice will help discover and articulate your individual or business goals. Then through tools, prioritisation, accountability and execution, Candice will support you to achieve those goals.

When we operate from a place where we honour our core values, we can maximise our strengths and motivators, becoming more intentional to make life, relationships and business more meaningful and enjoyable.

Candice works hard to understand and refine her clients goals. Candice takes extra care and provides clients with practical and energetic support plus the required tools to walk out of their session with focused confidence to execute and succeed.

Sessions available in person or online.

Image by Domenico Loia

What Candice Can Help With

Inspiration & Motivation

- Increased Confidence

- Clarity Of Mind

- High Performance Mindset

- Student Invigoration & Growth

- Students Coping & Thriving Under Pressure

- Career Progression

- Sustainable Competitive Advantage

- Business Success

- Employee Health - Body & Mind

- Business Health -Finance

- Business Goals

- Accountability

- Team Engagement

- Prioritisation & Execution


"Candice helped me find life direction and provided tools to keep me focused and energised. Candice provided a level of knowledge, respect, understanding and empathy I have not experienced elsewhere. She holds me accountable and is honest and straight forward. Everyone needs a Candice in their life, I am just so thankful Candice is in mine."