About Candice

Kinesiologist & Alignment Professional

Hi, I'm Candice.

My mission is to provide a safe space to support clients who are ready to own their energy, take control and make positive changes for a better, easier life. A life way beyond their expectations.

I am passionate about clearing clients physical ailments, emotional and mental blockages and social conditioning to help them discover, articulate and achieve their individual, family or business goals.

There is no bigger thrill than watching my clients take control of their energy and harness their awareness and power to do and achieve great things!

Whilst working together with high level executives,  I was always trying to better myself. As such, I became interested and passionate about high level wellness, high performance mindset, engagement and connection. This led me on my journey to mentoring, mindset, yoga, breath work, and then continued to Kinesiology. The power of the body and mind still amazes me everyday. 

As a former VP,  Global Finance for a Silicon Valley Tech Company for many years, I know how to build sustainable business and help people thrive. 

I helped take Nitro Software from 20 employees in Melbourne to over 200 employees globally, raising over $40M in venture capital plus a successful IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Employee engagement and execution in my team was at the highest level, helping many of my reports progress and thrive in their careers.

Prior to Nitro, I worked in London as a Consultant and prior to that I was a Chartered Accountant at Grant Thornton in Melbourne. Today, I have multiple clients from my time in corporate AU, US, and UK.

I have a curious mind and will never stop learning. I am also a qualified Yoga Teacher (Vinyasa, YIN and Kids),  Reiki and Access Consciousness Practitioner.

I love to travel, move my body with all forms of exercise, read, listen to music and podcasts and I adore spending time with family and friends. Connection is so important.

Last, but not least, I am a wife and mother of 2 children.

We live, laugh, love and have fun together in Bayside, Melbourne.

        - One Day or Day One. You Decide!