Kinesiology uses muscle testing and information to detect imbalances and blockages in the body.

Candice provides a safe space to work with clients to shift energy to help make positive changes in multiple areas of their lives - injury, stress, health, nutrition, mindset, performance and goals.

Candice uses a high level wellness approach to support clients as they discover their own power and progressively leave the obstacles and conditioning of their past behind.

Kinesiology is a powerful tool for transformation, supporting you to gain awareness, clarity and confidence to make change with ease and strength. It empowers you to take charge of perception - past, present and future.

Candice understands everyone is different and offers a personalised service to suit individual needs. Candice ensures every client is comfortable and heard.

Sessions available in person. Online sessions available upon request.

Zen Stones

What Candice Can Help With

- Anxiety & Mental Health

- Stress Release

- Clarity Of Mind

- Patience & Calmness

- Remove Blockages & Conditioning

- Inspiration & Motivation

- Sleep

- Reduced Pain

- Unrestricted Movement

- High Level Wellness

- Awareness & Power Of Choice

- Grief & Loss

- Relationships & Emotional Conflicts

- Money Blocks


"Candice calmed my body and mind, assisting me to create positive choices, positive change and new thought patterns.

Thanks to Candice, I have increased confidence and an improved outlook on life. TRULY TRANSFORMATIONAL!

Cannot wait for my next session."