A Better Life is Within Reach. 

Kinesiology & Alignment with Candice Elizabeth

Meet Candice

Hi, I'm Candice.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. This must mean it's time to invest in yourself, take control and live your best life.

I am deeply passionate about working with clients to understand their body and mind, remove blockages and conditioning, and to help clients unleash their potential to achieve their goals in life, family or in business.

My philosophy is you do you! Do not concern yourself with what everyone else is doing, nor get caught up in the past or the expectations of others. Discover your own power and take control of your own physical, emotional, mental and financial life.


       - You Are Stronger Than Your Fears


What I Can Help With

Business Success

Competitive Advantage

High Performance Mindset

Personal Alignment

High Level Wellness

Stress Release


 Clarity Of Mind

Stagnant Energy






What Clients Have to Say

No more negative self talk!

It's magic when I visit Candice. I always leave feeling so positive, calm and grounded. My self confidence has grown significantly since working with Candice.

Highly recommend.

- Laura

Working with Candice is the best thing I have done for myself. Candice provides a safe space and really listens to my obstacles and wants in life and my career. She holds me accountable and makes sure I do not self sabotage. Candice is incredibly intuitive and SMART!

Thank you for being part of my support team x

- Erica

I can now sleep soundly thanks to Candice! For years, I could not sleep when my husband travelled, but after 1 session with Candice this completely shifted. I will forever be grateful and have already rebooked to balance my anxiety. Life changing!

- Louise